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A Le Rêve "Diamond Destination" 
Le Rêve would like to announce the unveiling of our unique and exclusive "Diamond Destinations." We are seeking to change the face of travel by creating destinations that are not simply vacation spots, but unforgettable experiences for the whole family.
A "Diamond Destination" represents the pinnacle of luxury travel and has many facets, just as its name would suggest. We have personally travelled to and experienced each "Diamond Destination," and have first-hand knowledge of everything that it has to offer. Additionally, we don't simply book your travel, but rather we create a thoroughly planned, customized itinerary for the entirety of your stay. Due to our personal understanding of the destination, your customized itinerary will be diverse enough to satisfy everyone's tastes, whether young or old. We also specialize in creating multigenerational experiences, so that a family of all ages will be taken care of. When you travel to a Le Rêve "Diamond Destination," you can expect the highest quality of service and an experience that will create memories for a lifetime.
The initial "Diamond Destination" is set in the Southern California Riviera. Being residents of this area for almost 20 years, Le Rêve has a close personal understanding of the local hot spots and off-the-beaten-path experiences. From this area of expertise, Le Rêve has now expanded to include other equally beautiful and unique destinations. 
In order to create connections and gain first-hand knowledge of our newest "Diamond Destination," our family recently returned from a one-month tour of Dubai, UAE. We had an absolutely incredible time and now with the personal knowledge we've acquired, we will create unforgettable and completely personalized family-oriented experiences to make a vacation, wedding or business trip to Dubai effortless and full of fascinating and unique experiences, all tailored to each person's own individual preferences and tastes.
Our next "Diamond Destination" to be unfurled will be our winter and summer mountain destination in Aspen, Colorado. In order to gain further connections and an even more intimate understanding of the area, Taya Paige, owner of Le Rêve, will be traveling to Aspen next week. Having been born and raised in Aspen, Taya already has a wonderful grasp of the incredible features of this destination, but is returning to finalize the link between Dubai, Southern California and Aspen. When in Aspen, Le Rêve can tend to every facet of your stay, so that every family vacation, business trip, or wedding celebration is relaxed, carefree and memorable beyond your fondest dreams. 
Please take a moment to visit our Luxury Travel Blogs at our three "Diamond Destinations." You can read about our own personal experiences as well as the hidden treasures which we are daily discovering in Dubai, Aspen and Southern California. 

Let Le Rêve introduce you to the pinnacle of travel with our
"Diamond Destionations," as you drink in the culture, beauty, elegance and romance of three of the most spectacular places on Earth.
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