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Timeless "Living Pictures"
Laguna Beach is home to one of the most thriving and creative art scenes in the world. With hundreds of local artists and galleries, the city is a hub of modern new ideas and incredibly diverse art forms. Each summer, art lovers and theatre enthusiasts gather together for one of the most spectacular, and certainly one of the most famous, events of the year - the Pageant of the Masters. 
Set in a beautiful open amphitheatre in the heart of Laguna Beach, classic pieces of art are brought to life by a professional team of artists, set designers and actors. Together with a professional orchestra, original score, dramatic lighting and live narration, it is an unbelievable experience that will have you grabbing your binoculars to look for any slight movements, and gasping in astonishment at the level of details and realism.
Le Rêve can turn a set of tickets to the Pageant of the Masters into a cherished experience with your family or loved one. Arrive in Laguna Beach in style for a gourmet dinner at one of their local five-star favorites. From there, you will get to take a backstage tour of one of the most unbelievable productions in Southern California. Watch as sets, paint and make-up turn people into living works of art! Then, at intermission, take a leisurely stroll through some of the amazing art exhibits that are directly outside the amphitheatre, while enjoying hors d'oeuvres and fluted champagne, specifically chosen according to your personal tastes. Come experience the Pageant of the Masters in a whole new level of elegance.
Because of its popularity, the Pageant of the Masters sells out quickly each year. In order to procure excellent seats and to have a customized Laguna Beach artistic experience created just for you, please contact Le Rêve before the end of March. If you are from out of town, it's worth planning a vacation or weekend escape around this event! Call us to book your travel arrangements and to find the perfect accommodations. 

Before the summer rush begins, let Le Rêve create an unforgettable experience in the heart of  the Laguna Beach art scene.

This year's Pageant of the Masters is aptly titled "The Muse" and will run
from July 8 - August 31.
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