Company Fact Sheet


Company Name:   Le Rêve Destination Services®


Founders:              Mike and Taya Paige


Contact                  mike@leRê

Information:         taya@leRê


Headquarters:      28241 Crown Valley Parkway

                                Suite F310

                                Laguna Niguel, CA   92677

                                949.347.0200 (Mike Paige)

                                949.842.9865 (Taya Paige)

                                949.347.0400 (Fax)


Web site:               www.leRê

Blog:                       www.leRê


Year Founded:      2007


Company Overview:


Our goal is to save our clients time and maximize their leisure experiences through expertise, contacts, and competencies unsurpassed in the destination management industry.  Success will be measured by clients who feel rejuvenated and wanting more post vacation.


1.       Destination Sales & Marketing:

a.       Le Rêve has acquired an enviable list of friends, associates, and business partners, locally and around the world.  This access allows Le Rêve to build relationships and affiliations relevant to a wide range of business interests.

b.       Le Rêve helps clients identify key customers, streamline the communication process and design an annual schedule for relevant industry tradeshows, client “visits”, networking events, open houses and other possible events.

c.       Sales Representation in the U.S. market requires expertise, professionalism and industry know-how.   The Le Rêve marketing and sales team specializes in adeptly positioning Luxury Hotels and destinations with the use of a range of services, executing a customized program designed specifically to expand the target audience and increase sales.


2.       Destination Design – Le Rêve uses a unique formula to create concepts, qualify and build a network of quality vendors, design unique and exclusive experiences/itineraries for the customer.


3.       Experience Implementation /Operations:  A Le Rêve Vacation Designer will be assigned to the account as a “bridge” between all the moving pieces to insure a seamless experience and appropriate follow-up. 

a.       On site coordination to include: guides, drivers, translators, childcare…

b.       Management of itinerary appointments, activities,  events, support personnel, and adjunctive materials.

c.       Designer completes post event analysis for each customers noting: “Start-Stop-Continue”, which is forwarded for client portfolio and follow up.


Founders Mike and Taya Paige have lived and traveled extensively throughout Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the United States. They have over 30 years of combined luxury travel and executive meeting planning experience, including 15  years in Orange County California.  Mike and Taya are personally involved in the day-to-day management and operations of Le Rêve.


Media Contact:
Francine Pares

Phone: (949) 481 - 7559
Fax: (949) 347 - 0400

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