Do you compete with a hotel concierge?

No, we partner with them to ensure that all of their guests' needs are met. Typically, after visitors arrive at their hotel, they stop by the concierge desk and get recommendations or reservations for restaurants, golf courses or city tours. These are generally requests that can be done with a little local knowledge and a phone book. Concierges generally don't place kids in day camps, arrange for guided tide pool explorations or contract a photojournalist to document a vacation. Le Rêve can also provide VIP services to make each stay extra special, such as sending a personal chef to prepare a guest's favorite dishes, or ensuring that the kitchen is appropriately stocked with preferred foods and beverages. We even have affiliations to provide for a behavioral specialist to accompany a family's autistic child during their stay. So we take the concierge job to another level entirely.

How can I attain high resolution photos?

Contact Francine Pares at (949) 481-7559

How did you come up with the idea for Le Rêve?

We purchased several weeks of time share in Aruba and discovered the first year, and subsequent years after, that to plan and facilitate a memorable quality vacation experience it required a lot of personal time and professional expertise.   Basically even though we are both professional meeting planners it takes 4 to 6 hours of administrative time pre-trip and a full day on site to ensure every detail is planned, venues and services reserved, groceries and vacation equipment purchased.  We needed a destination trip planner and there was no such thing.  There are web travel sites, concierge, and travel “services”, but no one with all those attributes combined who also have personal knowledge, connections, and rapport with local suppliers and sites. Finally if someone does arrange everything for your family, you need a logical roadmap or itinerary to follow and not worry about finding scribbled notes on a flyer, post-its, and saved messages outlining your daily activities.  Our goal is simply to make every vacation relaxed, carefree, and memorable beyond the client's fondest dreams.

What do Mike and Taya like to do when they vacation?

We try to ensure a Le Rêve experience wherever we travel, so planning and stepping outside the box is essential. Every vacation we take requires a lot of pre-trip research and planning. For instance, we don't just go to Aruba, sit on the beach and eat fabulous food. We might decide to read a book beforehand so we can discuss it during our stay, like a book club. We also have long-term personal connections with local citizens where we travel, which results in great experiences for our boys and ourselves. These include dining at restaurants off the beaten path, finding activities that we can't do back home, even attending a local church. We also enjoy things like finding the perfect restaurant for Father’s Day with the family, bringing our own wine and BBQ spices along, and other little touches that really enhance our vacation experiences. Our boys like to bring new puzzles, books and water toys to keep them active and occupied.  The bottom line is,  we do extensive planning long before we leave to ensure that our next vacation is even better than the last one.

Who are Le Rêve customers?

Dual-income or high-net worth families who have disposable income, but are time impoverished and want to spend more quality time with their children. They have no qualms about taking a 2 year-old to Europe or to a fancy U.S. resort. Generally they have a combined net worth in excess of $12 million.  And they will spend over $60,000/yr vacationing.

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