Le Rêve helps you make the most of every moment by handling all of your vacation details, from the minute you arrive to the second you depart.

    With Le Rêve, you’ll never again be bothered with:
  • Lost luggage
  • Transportation
  • Grocery shopping
  • Long waits at a concierge desk
    • Le Rêve’s professionally trained vacation designers tend to every facet of your vacation in order to tailor your trip into a unique, highly personalized experience. Lost time can’t be found again. So rely on Le Rêve to create those magic moments that will last forever.

        Le Rêve’s extensive list of personalized services includes:
      • Concierge services
      • Luxury accommodations consultation
      • Residence preparation
      • Transportation
      • Family and business event planning
      • Customized tours and day-trips
      • Dinner reservations and unique dining experiences
      • Personal chefs for meals prepared in their kitchens or yours
      • Domestic services
      • Security
      • Customized photo-journal packages