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UAE Sales and Marketing Tour May 2009
 Starting October 26th 2008, Emirates® will fly its brand new Boeing 777-200LR 

Le Rêve is continuing our international marketing initiative to take advantage of this convenient transport opportunity.  The UAE is truly the center of international commerce and we intend to leverage the new access Emirates has provided us to this area.  The objectives of our initiative are multifaceted. We are marketing Southern California and Aspen as exclusive, luxury destinations to corporations, and prominent families in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). We are also continuing to gain insight, knowledge, and relationships,  so as to develop new avenues of opportunity  and facilitate increased interest in business and leisure travel to the UAE and beyond.


Simply put, this is not a single-minded sporadic, marketing tour. We see this as a strategic process which will ultimately facilitate a “cultural exchange,” and consequently enhance the progress of unilateral business and leisure travel between the UAE, Southern California, and Aspen. 


 You can find out more information on our Dubai Luxury Travel Blog.

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Note: Here is a recent article from Travel Trade about the importance of travel and tourism to the U.S. economy, and about the steps Obama is taking to improve international travel relations.
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