MIKE PAIGE                        

It’s hard to find someone with more diverse experience and talent in the travel management industry than Mike. Over the past 30 years, he has literally traveled the globe, accomplishing everything from planning and implementing award ceremonies for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) to winning awards himself for management excellence. As Director of Meetings and Conventions for Parke-Davis/Pfizer pharmaceuticals he had;
·         Significant responsibility for various portions of 8 product launches (training, production, logistics), 2 of which produced the most successful products in the Parke-Davis history, (Rezulin & Lipitor)
·         Responsible for management and coordination of Parke-Davis global conventions and physician symposia.
·         International experience with Olympics/ 1991-98; (Parke-Davis Prize for Sports Medicine), assisted in planning and implementation of IOC Prize for Sports Medicine.   Concurrent to that Mike played a major role in planning and facilitation of a bi-yearly IOC/Medical Congress attended by 3,000 physician- scientists from around the world. 
Currently Mike and his wife Taya are the owners of Le Rêve Destination Services. Their focus is one of marketing and sales for elite properties, companies, and destinations. They consider this a process and one where networking, targeting, and relationship building, are a premium in terms of the HNW target market they seek.  As noted, Taya and Mike have been intimately involved in the facilitation of meetings, events, vacations, and symposia with the highest level of local and international private and political clientele.  They have a historical perspective of the affluent client needs, wants, and expectations. They have stayed on top of this market throughout the current economic downturn. Consequently Le Rêve brings a much sought after capacity of access to the HNW client base they have cultivated over the past 20 years. That feature is then a cornerstone for Le Rêve sales and marketing which sets them apart from other companies.


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