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Aspen a ‘Diamond Destination’
Aspen Times – Tuesday March 10, 2009
ASPEN — Aspen native Taya Paige who now lives in Southern California, recently returned to the valley to create an Aspen “Diamond Destination” experience for her luxury travel company, Le Rêve Destination Services.

Paige said she researched the best spots and hidden treasures during her visit, and made the necessary connections to create personalized experiences for visitors to enjoy while in the area, including many custom activities she designed herself.

While in Aspen, Paige visited private vacation villas and other properties as part of Le Rêve’s new affiliation with Private Trade Winds, a luxury access company specializing in high-end villa rentals and residential travel.

The partnership of Le Rêve Destination Services and Private Trade Winds gives a solution to customers seeking a turnkey holiday or business trip that includes air travel, ground transfers, accommodations, security, translators, photography and unique destination design.

Paige noted that most hotel concierges are set up to handle restaurant reservations or get tickets to a show, but are not designed to customize the kind of individualized experiences many families now prefer.

Tailor-made, or “bespoke” travel is a growing trend among travelers, who increasingly see it as the preferred way to experience the world.

Le Rêve has set up a special blog focused on Aspen,
Even Services for the Wealthy Make Recession Adjustment
OC Register – March 5, 2009

Mike and Taya Paige started Le Rêve Destination Services in Laguna Niguel in 2006 to pick up where travel agents and hotel concierges leave off in providing personalized vacation experiences.

Their target market is the wealthy, but even this group is feeling the pinch of plunging global stock markets, oil prices, failing financial institutions and worldwide recession. If you doubt it, read Tony Bury’s description of Dubai in recession.

Some experts, such as professors at the Wharton School of Business think this market may dry up as even the hyper wealthy change their buying habits.

“We’ve had to adjust,” Taya says, “and find experiences and partners that are high level luxury. We can’t just go to a trade show and hand out business cards. We have to sit with them, drink tea, build relationships.”

One adjustment is to narrow their destination and marketing focus to Orange County, Dubai and Aspen, which Taya describes as “three amazing pools of wealth, creativity and entrepreneurship.”

The couple and their two children recently returned from a month in Dubai to seek wealthy clients for U.S. vacations and explore hidden jewels to put on the itinerary of U.S. clients who want to vacation in the Middle East.

In Dubai, the Paiges’ research took them from the Burj al Arab Hotel to the Sultan of Oman’s palace to camel rides on the shore of the Gulf of Oman. They were also building relationships with luxury home rentals and private schools for children of the wealthy.

“We have a new database of 120 people in Dubai and of hotels and restaurants that even the hotel owners hadn’t been to,” Taya says.

What would Le Rêve plan for a Dubai vacationer to Orange County?

“It depends entirely on what they envision a perfect vacation to be,” she says. “We might hire a photo journalist to shoot the entire trip, plan a hike to Crystal Cove Beach and create DVDs of the experience through the eyes of their children.”

The U.S. Commerce Department invited the Paiges to give a debriefing of their Dubai trip to representatives of local destinations such as Universal Studios, the Ritz Carlton Hotel and South Coast Plaza, Taya says.

“I have seen a high level of loyalty in the luxury business industry,” she says. “People are looking for creative marketing strategies. It will end up good for the economy. The strong companies will persevere.” 

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