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Are you looking into traveling abroad for vacation, but are feeling worried about the security of your family? According to the International Travel Insurance Journal, one in three of us suffer some kind of problem while on vacation. Le Rêve offers a revolutionary approach to travel, called Secure Vacations, which was brought about due to sensing the heightened security threats around the world, and the realization that ensuring safe travel is of paramount concern to many high net worth families.  Secure Vacations bring you peace of mind, so your entire family can feel the freedom to enjoy your vacation.
Le Rêve is a key resource for comprehensive secure travel solutions for corporations or high-net worth individuals, and has taken numerous measures to ensure a high degree of safety for your family when traveling. The key to Secure Vacations, is that Le Rêve develops a personal connection with our clients in a discrete and confidential way, in order to create a customized long-term travel advisory relationship with them. With this personal relationship in place, Le Rêve then employs a three-stage procedure, to create a customized Secure Vacation profile.
 ~ First, Le Rêve takes painstaking measures to identify any areas of  vulnerability, in order to prevent any possible difficulties or risks.
      ~ Then, Le Rêve designs customized services, itineraries, and products which cater to the client’s specific security needs and travel wishes.
      ~ Finally, Le Rêve not only designs but then implements these services, itineraries, and products at the vacation destination. Le Rêve has meticulously checked and selected venues, accommodations, programs, and products, to ensure that you are not only experiencing the very best of your destination, but you can feel secure knowing that each aspect of your vacation meets our selective appointment and security standards.
Bring peace of mind to yourself and your family through Secure Vacations, so that your next vacation will be a worry-free and priceless family experience that will create memories that will last a lifetime.
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