Luxury Travel Partners

Le Rêve partners with Private Trade Winds (PTW): a unique service provider to both owners of luxury villas and elite products and distinguished travelers. Through exclusive service contracts they facilitate luxury access for clients looking for the finest residential accommodations and help luxury vacation homeowners maximize the value of their asset.
PTW specializes in helping the discerning elite client experience the true meaning of luxury.  To PTW it is all about the client. Being a PTW client distinguishes you as a preferred traveler, and earns you recognition from the world's finest travel providers.  PTW is a Virtuoso affiliate and as such represent the top 1% of all travel agencies providing decades of professional experience, worldwide connections and destination expertise.

 Here’s what makes Private Trade Winds so special:
1.      Through our innovative marketing strategies, we can increase the rental of your property by focusing on vacationers who have demonstrated their interest in accommodations exactly like yours. We can also arrange for you to trade for time in other luxury accommodations in our system.


2.      PTW offers turnkey interior design services to furnish your new purchase or to make modifications to conform to our luxury guarantee.
3.      PTW can assist with management coordination and asset management for any number of properties you own.
4.      Our Le Rêve partnership allows us to offer complete luxury travel services and experiences.
5.      Your participation in the PTW systems also qualifies you for our frequent traveler awards management and redemption service.


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Phone: (949) 481 - 7559
Fax: (949) 347 - 0400

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