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Are you looking into traveling abroad for vacation, but are feeling worried about the security of your family?
This is becoming more common due to numerous reports of instability around the world, as well as the myriad of risks that simply come with traveling. In fact, according to the International Travel Insurance Journal, one in three of us suffer some kind of problem while on vacation. Even with all these apparent risks in mind, have you ever wanted to vacation with the same level of comfort, safety, and security that you feel at home?
Le Rêve offers a revolutionary approach to travel, called Secure Vacations. This innovative concept was brought about due to sensing the heightened security threats around the world, and the realization that ensuring safe travel is of paramount concern to many high net worth families.

We have partnered with the best of the best in Risk Management to establish the security measures needed and the local expertise necessary to cover Dubai, Aspen, California and other international destinations. 

Secure Vacations allow your entire family to enjoy the vacation with the peace of mind needed to relax and rejuvenate!
Strategic Marketing
for the Future  

We are all aware of and daily feeling the pressures of an economic recession. Time and again, we are seeing companies struggle to maintain their client base. Therefore, Le Rêve offers a unique and long-term strategic marketing focus, which helps businesses gain and maintain business and strategically position your company for the future.  These economic times will turn around and you want to be positioned well to benefit. 
Le Rêve will build a bridge between international affluent travelers and the luxury services they desire through access to the high net worth clientele combined with insightful global sales and marketing knowledge. Le Rêve is committed to bringing the highest quality of both Destination design and Sales and Marketing to its clients.
Our efforts and focus are based upon private consultation with our clients, in order to create a customized strategic marketing focus. Allow us to create a customized marketing mix in order to begin targeting new clients at home and abroad.
Diamond Destinations

We are seeking to change the face of travel by creating destinations that are not simply vacation spots, but unforgettable experiences for the whole family. A "Diamond Destination" represents the pinnacle of luxury travel and has many facets, just as its name would suggest. We have personally travelled to and experienced each Diamond Destination, and have first-hand knowledge of everything that it has to offer. Additionally, we don't simply book your travel, but rather we create a thoroughly planned, customized itinerary for the entirety of your stay. 

Our three Diamond Destinations are California, Aspen, and the United Arab Emirates. For each of these destinations we have an exclusive and truly unique sample eight-day itinerary. This includes everything from transportation, accommodations, and luggage handling, to experiences, theater tickets, box seats at a sporting event, kids activities, and a photo DVD of your trip. Each of these itineraries can be customized to your specific wishes, so that you can create your dream vacation in these amazing destinations.  Our ultimate goal is to create business and tourism between our Diamond Destinations and enhance the experiences in these destinations.
You can also find out more about our Diamond Destinations by viewing our luxury destination travel blogs for Dubai, Aspen, and California.
If you would like further information about how to enjoy peace of mind through Le Rêve Secure Vacations or to begin customizing your summer itinerary in one of our Diamond Destinations, please email us at
Le Rêveis a Destination Sales, Marketing and Consulting Company specializing in establishing a cross-cultural and economic exchange by connecting affluent travelers with access to luxury services, venues, and experiences. 
"Le Rêve is the consummate professional concierge service. It's not fair to "peg" them as just Destination Specialists because the company is so much more. The team at Le Rêve is in a league of its own. I have worked with and had professional relationships with dozens of Les Clefs d'Or professionals in my hospitality and travel career, and no one holds a candle to Le Rêve."
- Paul Ruffino
Director of Sales-Villas
The Resort at Pelican Hill
Recent Gems 
  The Ultimate in Southern California  Experiences  
On these unique motorized people movers, you can enjoy spectacular views and fresh ocean air as you take a tour of the quaint villages and beautiful coastline.  This makes for a memorable  date or  family outing!
The PMMC is a rescue and rehabilitation center for marine mammals, which affords its guests a wonderful chance to meet these incredible animals.  Kids love it!
Come experience the hottest summer sport with surf pro, Rocky McKinnon. Enjoy the sun and water without getting wet (usually) and get an unbelievable workout! Paddleboarding is a perfect activity for the multi-generational family outing or a corporate team-building event.  Step out of the box and surprise your kids, spouse, parents or employees with this special experience.
 Le Rêve Tip 
Secure Travel 
If you are vacationing abroad this summer, this tip is an essential element in your planning process. Register your travel plans with the State Dept. through a free online service. This will ensure security if there is a family crisis in the U.S. or a problem while you are travelling. This is the first of numerous security measures which Le Rêve implements when you take a Secure Vacation bringing you true peace of mind.
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